I just get info about this from Listyani.
This is for Jazz lover and traveller who wants to visit mt. Bromo and get special event as a plus.
It will be hold on  Friday 12 June 2015 Saturday 13 June 2015 at Java Banana Gunung Bromo Probolinggo, Indonesia.

I found some link, but it is in bahasa Indonesia.


Majapahit Travel Fair

I went to Majapahit travel fair at May 9,2015, to collect east java tourism info for my dear guests, and found that east java have many colourfull culture that I seldom to see in Surabaya.I saw the flower parade also at May 10th, but I didn't have chance to take picture on the street.
This May is Surabaya 722nd Anniversary. I attach the link for event schedule

Happy 3rd Anniversary IKIRU!


Lontong Cap Go Meh

Lontong Cap Go Meh, is one of Indonesian meal, which traditionally Chinese Indonesian eat on the 15th day after lunar new year (Chinese New Year).
However, this meal now is available all year. One of the popular place to eat this in Surabaya is at Bon Ami.


Mangrove Tourism in Surabaya

This relatively new tourist place for local, dedicated to ecotourism on mangrove area in Surabaya.
Located in the far east, there is no public transportation to this place. About 30 minutes drive from IKIRU.

Pasar Krukah, a traditional local market just 5 minutes away

Pasar Krukah, or Krukah market, is a traditional market located just 5 minutes walking away from IKIRU, across the south main road.
It's a nice morning stroll before breakfast to see the real local life.
It's quite interesting since just across the south main road you can see completely different social level of local life, by walking around the kampong gang (alleys).
The market opens daily early morning till about 9AM.


Librarie Eatery, a nice cafe 3 minutes walk from IKIRU

Librarie Eatery, is a nice cafe just 3 minutes walk from IKIRU. Newly opened just next to Uranus book store on Ngagel Jaya street.
It is not cheap, but the place is cozy with nice interior decoration and speedy Wi-Fi.
They also sells main meals.