Pasar Krukah, a local traditional market 5-minute walk from IKIRU Guesthouse

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Visited Pasar Krukah again this morning.
"Pasar" means "market" in Indonesian.
This kind of traditional markets still survive the times and still can be found in many neighborhood in Surabaya, despite growing number of modern supermarkets and shopping malls.

You can find more or less everything, from stuff for your kitchen, like vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, tofu and tempe to clothing and house ware.
It is the place you can feel the energy of the morning and the sellers and the buyers.
It is the exact place you see daily local life here.

Pasar Krukah is located 5-minute walk from IKIRU Guesthouse, after crossing the main road to the south. Another bigger market is called Pasar Pucang and located 20-minutes walk from IKIRU Guesthouse.


Parade Budaya dan Bunga, Culture and Flower Parade 2017

Since the annual parade to commemorate Surabaya city anniversary started at 8 in the morning from Tugu Pahlawan, we decided to leave IKIRU at 9, since we planned to watch the parade at Raya Darmo street after Santa Maria High School.
We wanted to see the parade from a location after Santa Maria High School, since some attractions, such as the Carnival Fashion group and cheerleader group started only from Santa Maria High School. We were happy with our location, since the nearer the location to Taman Bungkul, the final destination for the parade, the more crowded.
The parade itself was surprisingly good.
I loved the Carnival Fashion Parade, the cheerleader and the drum band, also the reyog Ponorogo dance.
There were parade groups from other places in Indonesia such as Bali and Makassar, also flower cars from companies and school. I was surprised seeing the float from my high school.

Baru pertama kali kami menyempatkan diri tuk melihat Parade tahunan untuk merayakan HUT Surabaya ini.
Karena parade mulai jam 8 pagi dari Tugu Pahlawan, kami memutuskan untuk berangkat dari IKIRU guesthouse jam 9 lebih.
Karena mendapat kabar kalo ada beberapa atraksi, seperti Kostum Fashion Carnival, Egrang dan Cheerleader berangkat dari Sekolah Santa Maria di Jalan Darmo, kami memutuskan untuk melihat parade setelah Sekolah Santa Maria.

Kami di drop di Jalan Majapahit, kemudian kami jalan sampai melewati Sekolah Santa Maria.
Para pengunjung hanya diperbolehkan melihat dari satu sisi jalan saja, dan tidak diperbolehkan melihat dari atas jembatan penyeberangan.
Tapi dasar orang Surabaya, kalo penjaga pergi, banyak yang melanggar juga.

Sekitar jam 10 lebih, parade grup pertama tiba di tempat penungguan kami.
Ada 75 group peserta parade, ada grup yang cuman berkostum dan berjalan, ada grup dengan tari2an, ada pula grup dengan atraksi, ada pula mobil bunga.
Karena capek, kami hanya melihat sampai nomer 53 dan memutuskan untuk pulang.
Kami berjalan ke arah Taman Bungkul, tempat perhentian parade nya.
Semakin kami mendekati Taman Bungkul, semakin banyak pengunjung.
Kami beruntung memutuskan untuk melihat dari sekitar Santa Maria karena nggak begitu banyak pengunjung.


The Biro Cafe and Bar

New addition to IKIRU nearby cafe, this place is also a bar that serves beer!
Located on the main road Jalan Ngagel Jaya, 5-10 minutes walk from IKIRU.
They provided range of drink, and Indomie (Indonesian popular instant noodle) with variation.
The price of the drink is quite reasonable.

I visited the cafe on 4 May 2017 around 22:00, and there was crowd of local young people.
Ordered hot apple tea for Rp. 12k, my friend ordered cappuchino for around Rp. 30k.


May 2017 in Surabaya

May is the month to be in Surabaya.
Lots of events in May 2017 in Surabaya related to the city anniversary celebration.

- Culture and Flower Parade, Parade Budaya dan Bunga, 7 May 2017, started from Tugu Pahlawan (Heroes Monument) to Balai Kota (City Hall). See the teaser here.

- Festival Rujak Uleg (Rujak is Surabaya local food), 14 May 2017 at Kembang Jepun Street.

- Pasar Malam Tjap Toendjoengan (Tunjungan style night market), 3-29 May 2017

- Surabaya Shopping Festival, 1-31 May 2017, througout shopping malls

- Surabaya Fashion Parade, 3-7 May 2017 at Tunjungan Plaza shopping mall

See the details here or ask IKIRU staff.

Banyak even dalam rangka HUT kota Surabaya bulan Mei 2017.
- Parade Budaya dan Bunga, 7 Mei 2017, dari Tugu Pahlawan ke Balai Kota.
- Festival Rujak Uleg, 14 Mei 2017 at Kembang Jepun Street.
- Pasar Malam Tjap Toendjoengan, 3-29 Mei 2017
- Surabaya Shopping Festival, 1-31 Mei 2017, di berbagai shopping mall
- Surabaya Fashion Parade, 3-7 Mei 2017 di Tunjungan Plaza shopping mall

Liat detilnya di sini atau tanya staff IKIRU. 

The Parade, the highlight of the anniversary


Kafe Landak

Jepang emang pelopor dalam ide kafe2 yang unik dan baru.
Kalo dulu populer Maid Cafe (kafe PRT atau Pembantu Rumah Tangga) di Akihabara, Tokyo, dan beberapa tahun yang lalu buka Robot Restaurant di Shinjuku, Tokyo, kafe aneh yang terbaru adalah kafe landak di Roppongi, Tokyo.
Landaknya bukan landak gede yang umum di Indonesia, tapi landak mungil yang cute banget, bahasa Inggrisnya Hedgehog.
Di google2, ternyata di Indonesia ada perkumpulan pencinta Hedgehog.
Kafe landak di Jepang ini dinamakan "Harry", karena landak mungil ini dalam bahasa Jepangnya "Harinezumi."

Kafe landak bukan kafe bertema hewan pertama di Jepang, sebelumnya sudah ada kafe kucing and kafe kelinci.
Malah yang buka kafe landak itu yang empunya kafe kelinci.
MJ belon pernah sendiri mengunjungin kafe ini, tapi menurut sumber referensi, tarifnya 1000 yen untuk 30 menit, bisa maen2 ma si landak n dapet minuman gratis.
Kalo jatuh hati ma si landak, bisa dibeli dan dibawa pulang tuh.

Sumber referensi:


One Week on Java Highlights, started in Jakarta and ended in Bali

Nobody can't argue that Bali is the most attractive and popular destination in Indonesia, despite many people might say some negative points such as touristy or pricey.
And the second popular touristic place in Indonesia is Yogyakarta in Central Java, with surrounding UNESCO World Heritage spectacular Buddhist centuries old temple, Borobudur.
Many people follow direct land tours connecting Yogyakarta and Bali, with stops to popular Mt. Bromo and Mt. Ijen in East Java. However, for my point of view, this tour is tiring since we have to spend too many hours on small bus or van, especially for the route between Yogyakarta and Mt. Bromo, it requires more than 10 hours drive.

Following itinerary I made for trip with my Taiwanese friends in February 2015, with limited times about one week, to see the highlights of Java mentioned above, i.e. Yogyakarta, Mt. Bromo and Mt. Ijen, starting from Indonesian bustling capital of Java and ending at Bali for relaxing, with a stop in Surabaya, Indonesian second biggest city.
My itinerary was as short as one week and allows only quick stops in each places. You can freely adjust the stay time on each location, also to alter transportation means depend on your time and budget.

Day 1-2 Jakarta 
Day 1 includes arriving in Jakarta.
We visited Jakarta highlights only, like Fatahilah Park, Monas Tower and Istiqlal Mosque.

Jakarta-Yogyakarta by airplane, about 1 hour, bout USD 50 by Garuda Indonesian Airways.

Day 3-4 Yogyakarta
We arrived in Yogyakarta before lunch, and had Gudeg (Yogyakarta most famous traditional meal) lunch.
We visited Prambanan Temple (the most famous and largest Hindu temple in Indonesia) then to another temple for sunset.
The next morning, we departed early morning from our hotel in Malioboro (Yogyakarta central district) to see the sunrise in Borobudur.
We chartered a car to pick us up from hotel, then to Borobudur.
After Borobudur, with the same car, we went to Goa Pindul, a cave famous for the river tubing.

Yogyakarta-Surabaya by train, about 4-5 hours

Day 5 Surabaya
We stayed in Surabaya on Day 4 after the train trip.
In Surabaya, we went to Sampoerna Tobacco Museum and Factory and visited Hero Tower, then went to shopping malls and enjoyed Surabaya yummy food.

Surabaya-Mt.Bromo-Mt.Ijen-Bali by chartered car.
Departed midnight from Surabaya.
The transportation by chartered car was expensive, but comfortable and saved a lot of time. More people means cheaper sharing the cost.

Day 6 Mt. Bromo
Following popular touristic route, we went to Mt. Penanjakan, to see Mt. Bromo's sunrise, then going to the crater desert and climbing to the crater.
With a late lunch stop in Pasir Putih beach, we drove to a city nearby not so far from Mt. Ijen.
We arrived before sunrise in the hotel, relaxing in the pool, then had an early sleep, because we had to wake up shortly after midnight.

Day 7 Mt. Ijen
We arrived about 2AM in the morning, at the trekking gate to Mt. Ijen, and started about 2 hours hiking to the crater.
Brave people got down into the crater to see the blue fire.
After the sunrise, we hiked down then drove to Bali.

Candi Prambanan (Prambanan Temple)