Meal of Surabaya

List of recommended local food in Surabaya:
1. Nasi Rawon
It is a typical East Java food, looks like black beef soup with rice.

2. Nasi Soto Ayam
It is a typical East Java food, looks like yellow chicken soup with rice.
The one with beef is called Soto Daging.

3. Nasi Goreng Jawa
Javanese version of fried rice. Also Mie Goreng Jawa, the fried noodle.
4. Bakso
Meat balls with noodle in soup.

5. Rujak Cingur
Cingur literally means cow nose. It is indeed a mix of Cingur, tofu, tempe, vegetables with black petis (black sauce made from shrimp head) sauce. The hot level can be adjusted with the number of the chilli.
6. Pecel
A mix of vegetable with peanut sauce.
7. Lontong Balap
Full of bean strout with clear soup and petis (black head shrimp sauce).

8. Semanggi
Vegetable called semanggi, with peanut sauce and krupuk.

9. Tahu Campur
Literally means Mix Tofu. Mix of tofu, vegetable, and muscled beef.

10. Gado Gado
Indonesian's salad with peanut sauce
11. Gulai Kambing
Kambing is goat, so it is a goat yellow soup. Usually paired with goat satay.

12. Lontong Mie
Lontong is made of rice, crushed then solified. Mie is noodle. It is a mix of lontong, mie, tofu, beef muscle, with petis (black head shrimp sauce) and clear soup.