Things to do around IKIRU

Here are things you can do when you are tired traveling and want to just chill out around our place.

1. Eat
So many places to eat around here. You can either walk to the eating places, or you can just shout calling the passing-by seller-stalls.
- Nearby places to eat
Amongst the famous places are the satay house just behind IKIRU which open only night time, and also the Nasi Goreng Jawa (Javanese fried rice) place just 1 minute walk from IKIRU. Another popular Japanese stall is just around the corner.
- Walking stalls
Do you know that you can recognize which seller only from the sound, for example, the sound of wooden ticking is from bakso (meat ball soup) sellers, and the sound of metal bell ticking is from ice cream sellers, etc. Sometime the sellers just shout what they sell.

2. Shops and Markets
Lots of small shops around IKIRU, selling from groceries, books, and others.
One large and famous supermarket is BILKA, about 5 minutes walk from IKIRU, popular for local people to buy groceries.
There also convenient stores open 24 hours around.
There are 2 traditional markets, one is called Pasar Krukah, just 5 minutes walk from IKIRU, and the other is the bigger Pasar Pucang.
To walk to Pasar Pucang it will take about 15-20 minutes, so you can try to ride on a becak (bike rickshaw) for about 10,000 rupiahs, or by bemo (minibus) for 3,000 rupiahs.
The traditional markets are dirty, and you have to watch your valuables from the pickpockets, but it is interesting because you can see the daily local life. 

3. Massage
There are many places to get massage around, but they are not a really walking distances.
The nearest one can be like 15 minutes walking distance.
The famous places like "99" and "Lucky" are just 10 minutes drive from IKIRU.

4. Large Shopping Malls
The famous Galaxy Mall, where you can find big name stores, movie theaters, and food court is located 10 minutes drive from IKIRU. A large Carrefour supermarket is also about 10 minutes drive.

5. Cafe
A new cafe just next to Uranus Book Store opens in 2015, nicely decorated with character.
Worth to stop by to chill out. See more here.

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