How to go to Mt.Bromo

According to our statistic, 95 percent of our guests went to Mt.Bromo during their visit to Surabaya.
Since we received many queries about how to go to Mt.Bromo, here I tried to summarize how to go to Mt.Bromo.

Basically, I can categorize the way to Mt.Bromo into 3 basic categories:
1. going by public transportation,
2. renting a car with the driver,
3. joining a tour.

Here is more detail of each method.

1. Going by public transportation.

From IKIRU, you should go to Surabaya bus terminal (named Bungurasih or Purabaya). From IKIRU, we can provide our transportation to the bus terminal for Rp. 50,000 (about 30 minutes) or you can use taxi, or public minibuses (a bit hassle though).
From Surabaya bus terminal, you can take the big bus to Probolinggo (about 3 hours).
From Probolinggo you should take a minibus to Cemorolawang.
From Cemorolawang, you can arrange transportation, usually 4WD jeep to Penanjakan to see Mt.Bromo during sunrise, and then go to the Mt.Bromo crater itself

2. Renting a car with the driver.

This method is easier than the above for a price. There are several travel companies that can provide the car for about Rp. 800,000 to Rp. 2,000,000 per car depend on the car type, number of people, and the travel company.
Usually people leave IKIRU around midnight, to go directly to Penanjakan to see the sunrise, then same as the above, go to the Mt.Bromo crater.
Usually the car will drop you only to Cemorolawang where you have to arrange the transportation easily (many jeeps are waiting for you) to Penanjakan and Mt.Bromo.
The same car will wait for you at Cemorolawang to take you back to Surabaya.

3. Joining a tour.

This is the easiest and the most comfortable way but the most expensive. One travel agent we know charge Rp.1,500,000 per person.
We can help you booking the tour when you arrive.

We can recommend popular river rafting after seeing Mt.Bromo, if you still have more energy and not too sleepy :)
Some guests went further east to Mt.Ijen after Mt.Bromo. I have never been to Mt.Ijen but would like to go sometime after saw the beautiful picture of Mt.Ijen.

Though it takes effort to see Mt.Bromo, all our guests said it was worth the trip to see the beautiful scenery of the mountain.