Below is the list of fruits we recommend to try during your stay in Surabaya:
1. Durian
It is called the king of fruit. Many people hate it for its smell. But this fruit is not like other.
It is the most expensive local fruit in Indonesia. Only available during rainy season (October-March).

2. Mangosteen (Indonesian: Manggis)
It is also called (I heard it before) the queen of fruit. The sweet and soft taste make Japanese people love this fruit.

3. Salak
The skin is weird, like fish. The color is dark brown. The one from Bali is famous amongst local.

4. Rambutan
Yes, it is the hairy fruit. Red and hairy. The meat is like Litchi. Rambut means hair in Indonesian.

5. Banana
Though it is available in supermarket all around the world, including in Alaska, this most famous tropical fruit is more delicious to be tasted in its fresh condition after the pick.
There are lots of types of bananas, from the size of your little finger, to the size of your arm.
The smaller the sweeter.
Some type of banana, the green one, is used for meal.

6.Sugar-apple (Indonesian: Srikaya)
Another weird in shape tropical fruit. It has lots of black seed. The meat is white and sweet. The jam is yummy.

7. Sawo
The shape is humble brown and the meat is soft.

8. Avocado (Indonesian: Apokat)
Avocado maybe makes sushi in California, but Indonesian people treat it as a fruit, and it is eat sweat. You can find it in sweat drink. Try "Es Apokat" literally translated "Avocado Ice".

9. Mango (Indonesian: Mangga)

 The most popular tropical fruit after banana ?!
Many type of mango, but the most popular one is "Manalagi".
Some young mango makes meal also.

10. Jackfruit (Indonesian: Nangka)
The shape is like Durian, but the size is 5 times bigger and the price is 10 times cheaper.