Bemo, Surabaya Notorious Public Transportation

The most popular public transportation in Surabaya, is the minibus called BEMO or Mikrolet.
Though it is hot, crowded, slow, and risky for pickpocket and not really recommended, but it is cheap (Rp. 3,000), convenient (you can get in and out anywhere you want) and you can experience and see deeper the local life in Surabaya.
For you who want to take the risk, here are few Bemos that you can take from IKIRU.
(Please reconfirm where you want to go to the driver before you get in)

Bemo Lyn P (yellow)
Get in from Ngagel Jaya street (main road east of IKIRU).
To the north (get in from the IKIRU side of the road), it can take you to Gubeng Station (in case you want to buy your train ticket in advance) in about 20 minutes, and the last stop is the terminal near to Kenjeran beach, the only touristic beach in Surabaya in about 1.5 hour.

Bemo Lyn Q (orange)
Get in from Ngagel Jaya Selatan street (main road south of IKIRU)
It will take you to the point close to House of Sampoerna, the most popular museum to visit in Surabaya (you need to walk or take a taxi at the entrance of the small street to House of Sampoerna) and Jembatan Merah, the historical bridge, which surrounded by old colonial buildings.
On the way back from House of Sampoerna to IKIRU, you can get out to see Tugu Pahlawan (Heroes Tower), or get out at Kedungdoro then walk to commercial district like Tunjungan Plaza.

For complete routes of BEMO, see this web (Indonesian).

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