Pasar Krukah, a local traditional market 5-minute walk from IKIRU Guesthouse

Revisited, see previous posting here.

Visited Pasar Krukah again this morning.
"Pasar" means "market" in Indonesian.
This kind of traditional markets still survive the times and still can be found in many neighborhood in Surabaya, despite growing number of modern supermarkets and shopping malls.

You can find more or less everything, from stuff for your kitchen, like vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, tofu and tempe to clothing and house ware.
It is the place you can feel the energy of the morning and the sellers and the buyers.
It is the exact place you see daily local life here.

Pasar Krukah is located 5-minute walk from IKIRU Guesthouse, after crossing the main road to the south. Another bigger market is called Pasar Pucang and located 20-minutes walk from IKIRU Guesthouse.

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