Suramadu Bridge, connecting Surabaya to Madura Island

Finally Surabaya is connected to its old brother, Madura Island, by Suramadu Bridge, opened in 2009.
Before its opening, people can only cross the Madura Strait by ferry from Surabaya Tanjung Perak harbor.
Now by paying Rp. 30,000 one way per car, people can drive through the strait.

MJ had the chance to drive cross the bridge last December.
Though it is not comparable to other internationally famous bridge in the world, Suramadu Bridge is still cool in design, and it is cool to drive over it especially for local people.

The construction has brought many new business opportunity since after crossing the bridge, MJ saw lots of shop along the road in Madura Island.

The most trendy thing for Arek Surabaya (Surabaya people) after crossing the bridge is to eat Fried Duck in the most famous restaurant called Sinjai. Try the allegedly delicious chili sauce with warm rice and crispy duck.

Madura Island is known for its bull race called Kerapan Sapi.
Also there are several pristine beaches that have not been touched by tourism where you can have the white sand beach for yourself.

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