KENPARK, Kenjeran Beach, Surabaya [by 'L']

Long time did not visit the beach Kenjeran apparently there are some interesting buildings like:

1. Temple of Heaven

This pagoda is made ​much like the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. There are a lot of events held at the stage in front of the pagoda.


KWAN IM BIO temple directly facing the sea. This temple is very famous and there are a lot of events being held here. Especially in traditional Chinese celebrations like Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival or Cap Go Meh Festival and Moon Cake Festival.

3. Four Faced Buddha

Kenjeran beach also has 4 Faced Buddha statue similar with Thailand’s 4 Faced Buddha but this one is larger. This statue is guarded by 4 white elephants statue in each side.
I've heard that the efficacy of this 4 Faced Buddha is not inferior to 4 Faced Buddha in Thailand you know ..

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